Pawprints Pet Spa provides the best care for your dog and cat!

Mobile Dog and Cat Grooming

I offer a full service grooming salon at your doorstep. From a basic bath to a personal style, let me take care of your fuzzy best friend. I regularly attend continuing education seminars and have recently started competing in groomingcontests. Services are by appointment only. Let me come and pamper your best friend!

Service Area

I will provide services within 30 miles of Fremont, Wisconsin.  I offer an out of area service for an additional $15.00.

Phone  920-810-2450


Services Offered at Pawprints Pet Spa

 I offer a variety of services for all your pets grooming needs.


I use carefully chosen high quality shampoos and conditioners to keep your pets skin and coat healthy.

Brush out

Helps to reduce shedding and matting due to dead coat. Nothing will make a dog that sheds stop shedding, but the benefits of regular grooming can significantly reduce the amount that your dog sheds.


I offer breed standard clips or create your own style for comfort and ease of care for your pet.

Nail care

Nails are trimmed and filed (when the dog allows it) using a dremel tool to remove sharp edges. Regular nail trimming is important to the dog’s health. Overgrown nails are sharp, get snagged on things and can cause your pet difficulty walking.

Ear care

Ears need to be cleaned regularly. Some breeds require the hair to be removed from the ear canal.  These are an important first defense against ear infections.

Anal glands

Dogs have a gland on either side of their anus that can fill and secrete a very foul smell. I will externally express the glands during their bath.  Sometimes, they may need to be expressed internally and for that a trip to the vet is recommended.

Dental care

Dogs need to have good dental care just like people. I will brush your dog’s teeth and apply a fresh breath spray. Teeth brushing should be performed on a regular basis to maximize the benefits.  Some dogs may require a dental cleaning at the vet office, but regular brushing can go a long way in the prevention of periodontal disease and bad breath.

Flea treatment

  -  I offer a natural citrus flea bath. It will only kill fleas that are on the pet at the time of application and is not a preventative.  Pets should be regularly treated with a flea prevention product. If fleas are discovered during the grooming process the pet must be treated to prevent the spread of fleas and you will be notified so you may take steps to get rid of the fleas in the environment.


Occasionally dogs get sprayed by a skunk.  I have not discovered anything that will remove a set in skunk odor all together but I do offer a deskunking bath that will help remove the odor. 

Glitz package

I offer color stenciling or I can color your dog’s ears or tail.  I also offer nail painting, or glitter.  These services don’t always work well on every dog or coat type. Please ask about the specific details for your pet.

You also may choose a bandana or bows and perfume for your furry friend.  If you have a color preference please let me know so I can try to have it available for their groom. 

I am also able to offer a limited number of products available for purchase. If you have a preference for something in particular or are looking for a special product please let me know. I may be able to get it for you. I will be offering some grooming tools and products for sale. I am considering some fancy leashes, collars, and other items of that type.